Renovations to Building 3, Bay 4

US Army COE, Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tobyhanna, PA
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Building 3, Bay 4 was originally designed and used as a warehouse for storage of Army equipment and supplies for the Army Material Command. This 40,000 SF warehouse was renovated and updated for use as an electronics mission work area with numerous bench top work surfaces. read more

Renovations to Building 3, Bay 4

Renovations included:

-New HVAC roof top units to heat/cool the 25’ bays

-Metal insulated duct work to distribute the air to all areas of the bay

-Upgrade to the existing compressed air system

-New water lines/drains to accommodate a food distribution area and the new ionized waterlines through the Bay 4 work area

-Deactivated utilities were removed and the walls were cleaned of existing debris. Both end walls and side walls were furred out with steel studs and filled with insulation batts. These walls were covered with gypsum board and painted. The exposed structural steel and ceiling panels were painted.

-Created“Smart Columns” for the distribution of utilities to each work station with “plug & play” systems for compressed air; 480 volt power, 120 volt power; communications and data lines

-Repair and topping of existing concrete floors.

-Replace the existing electric lighting systems with a new 277v lighting layout of 4’ long T-8 fixtures.

-A new daylight harvesting system in which the daylight from new skylights are used to help light the interior of the bay for savings on lighting operating costs

-The removal of all existing asbestos fire sliding doors and replacement with the appropriate fire rated shutter type doors at one side of the end walls. New aluminum and glass sliding doors were installed on the other side. These doors are located at each driveway opening in the end walls.