Fishing Creek Restoration

Benton Park, Columbia County, PA
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A section of the stream bank along Fishing Creek in Benton Borough eroded during a flood event. The erosion damaged Park Street and severely degraded the stream bank, culvert, fire department access and apron. read more

Fishing Creek Restoration

Quad3 assisted the Borough to assist with Community Development Block Grant funds and designed the repairs/upgrades, surveying and permitting. These include:

-Restoration to the maintenance access from Park Street to the Dam

-Repair a washout in the levee immediately upstream from the access

-Restore the right stream bank between the end of a concrete wall and the Route 487 Bridge

-Install toe protection at the base of the concrete retaining wall along Park Street below the dam

-Repair the deteriorated pavement along the streamside edge of Park Street

-Place a bituminous wearing course over previously placed bituminous base course associated with a repaired section of concrete sidewalk.