Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer System

Nuangola Borough, Nuangola, PA
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Quad3 was retained by the Nuangola Borough Sewer Authority to design, prepare bidding documents, bid and provide construction administration and full time inspection to a low pressure sanitary system to provide a public sewage collection and conveyance system for the 410 developed properties in Nuangola Borough. read more

Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer System

The project consisted of providing low pressure sewer grinder pumps to each of the properties in the Borough along with sewer laterals and force mains to convey sanitary sewer to the Mountaintop Area Joint Sewer Authority (MAJSA) Public Sewer system for treatment at the wastewater treatment plant. The conveyance system includes two pump stations to assist the low pressure grinder pumps. Details of the project includes 45,000’ of sewage 1 ¼” HDPE pipe laterals, 44,000’ of HDPE pipe sewer mains between 2” and 6” in diameter, 400 grinder pump stations, 2 intermediate pump stations and associated valves, flushing stations, air/vacuum relief valves and pavement and site restoration.

Quad3 was responsible for the acquisition of permits from DEP to construct sewage facilities, to PA DOT for sewer occupancy of state highway rights-of-way, the Luzerne County Natural Resources Conservation Service to use general permits for discharge of stormwater associated with construction activities for the disturbance of approximately 15 acres and for utility line stream crossing, and MAJSA to extend the wastewater treatment services agreement.

The work was funded through a loan and grant from the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service Division (USDA Rural Development Grant and Loan).

Quad3 provided all Construction Administration services, including full-time Resident Project Representative services throughout the construction phase.