Forty Fort Borough

Forty Fort, PA
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The historic Borough of Forty Fort is 1.6 square miles located along the Susquehanna River in Northeastern Pennsylvania. With a population of over 4,000 individuals, the Borough strives to improve and maintain the quality of the Community while planning their future. read more

Forty Fort Borough

The Borough of Forty Fort has a long distinguished place in American History – prominence in the Pennamite-Yankee War and the 1778 Battle of Wyoming.  Within the 1.6 square miles of this established community is US Route 11 which stretches from Canada to Louisiana; the 464 mile long Susquehanna River which stretches from upstate New York to the Chesapeake Bay; the Wyoming Valley Airport which serves mainly general aviation aircraft; and a population of over 4,000 individuals.

The Borough required assistance to maintain their community and enlisted Quad3 to assist with that goal. Along with the many numerous day to day operational details, Quad3 has helped the Borough with grant applications; budgeting; repaving of streets; correcting storm sewer drainage; ADA accessible curb ramps; and permitting.

We are also working with the Borough to continue improving and maintaining the quality of their Community. Our engineers have evaluated all of the streets (70 streets) within the Borough and created a master list of roadway pavement improvements. The list detailed the condition of each street, graded them on a scale from one to ten and then listed the recommended improvements necessary for each street.  This gives the Borough a “roadmap of improvements” to follow and plan for in the future.

This planning process has also included an evaluation of the Borough’s sewer system. The existing system was video recorded to document its condition. The 66,000 LF of sanitary lines are in excess of fifty years old and portions require replacement and / or relining. An estimate has been provided for the Borough to plan accordingly.